TeleConsult Associates is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in helping clients achieve significant reductions in their long distance, local and wireless telecommunications expenditures. Our primary focus is to deliver consulting services to help our clients achieve optimal networking configurations with maximum efficiency, value and ease. TeleConsult Associates has developed a strong reputation as a results-oriented team that delivers high-impact, consulting services at practical rates. Most of our engagements result in 30%-50%+ savings over current telecom expenses.

We welcome you to contact us to provide you a complimentary initial overview of your telecommunication provider relationships and an estimate of the savings potential based on industry benchmarks.
As TeleConsult Associates typically supports a number of engagements concurrently, the team is involved in multiple dimensions of the dynamic telecommunications industry. This provides our clients with the most up to date pricing, technical, contractual and negotiations leverage data points. We provide ongoing updates of material events and their potential impacts to our clients.
Our firm specializes in providing clients with multiple streams of networking support. We strive to work not just to achieve our clients’ goals but in conjunction with the clients’ team members and provide as much knowledge transfer as desired.