We can assist you in obtaining 30 to 50% savings over your current telecommunications expenses. Our well-defined procurement methodology has been utilized with a large number of clients to provide maximum cost reductions within a shortened time period while obtaining significant concessions on terms and conditions including aggressive service level commitments from the carriers.

Network procurement decisions and contracts are significantly impacted by recent legislation for detariffing and increased competition in the local and long distance markets. We assist telecom managers and directors by dealing with the impact of detariffing; determining when to renegotiate existing and expiring contracts; collecting traffic data and preparing for this procurement exercise; listing the things to ask for in an RFP; how to approach vendors and evaluate responses; how to benchmark the rates offered against the best in the industry; significant terms and conditions to put into contracts; and in determining how much room vendors have to negotiate and areas they will be willing to concede. We show clients significant tricks of the trade, including ways to negotiate with carriers and get significant concessions. We assist client management teams exploiting the opportunities presented by increased carrier competition to negotiate new contracts with significant cost reductions over current local, long distance, wireless, voice and data expenses. We have delivered substantial results for many clients by careful monitoring of the marketplace and capitalizing on our experience in vendor negotiations. A well-executed contract could result in 30 to 50% savings over your current telecommunications expenses.

In light of the dynamic conditions of the telecommunications environment where various providers have been going out of business while other entitites that have recently been able to offer new services, TeleConsult Associates has been able to support its clients to build relationships with providers while minimizing commitment requirements. Clients that have been placed at higher risk of business disruption have been given methods to mitigate jeopardizing its communications. Tariff 271 relief has also begun to offer new customers even stronger price concessions provided an effective competitive environment is presented.